Our first home

Marie-Christine is by far the most personable and effective broker I have ever met. She's not shy to point out flaws, and she treated our visits as if she was moving into the home herself. At one location she picked up a piece of wood and started chopping at the walls to check for mould and other damage! Not to suggest this replaces a formal inspection, but she is next level with her attention to the good and the bad. "Where would you put your towel?" she exclaimed in a bathroom. "There's not a lot of storage here, will that be a problem?" she asked in another.

The best part of Marie-Christine is that she is unwilling to compromise. We spent years in a hard market looking for the perfect home, and she found it for us! After dozens of visits, she would even drive us home!

She is so honest about her opinion of the house I almost feel that we were trying to convince HER that it's a good home for us, which is a refreshing change from other real estate visits where the broker just wants a quick sale. Her perspective really helped us with a devil's advocate opinion and we are sure that we found the best home for our budget. Our final decision and accepted offer was only 66% what we expected to pay... incredible woman!

AJ & Andrew
22 mai 2020

Marie-Christine Tremblay

Courtier immobilier